Improvement in Products and Services

Developing new grades of steel with superior mechanical properties

Developing “intelligent” chains and accessories which can provide data about their manufacture with an ability to measure the loads and impacts they are submitted to together with a capability of auto-analysis

Assisting our Customers

Collaborating with the development of mooring line inspection in situ

Analysing in depth the presently available coatings (TSA and TSC) to find alternative solutions to corrosion and wear.

Development of new Products

Studying and developing alternatives to the existing mooring solutions and evaluating new concepts and materials other than steel.

Studying alternative methods to flash-butt welding to improve quality

Investigation of New Tecnologies

Participating in the professional scientific network which encompasses Technology Centres, Universities, Classification Societies, customers and experts and working with them to bring new projects to reality.

Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge

In depth analysis of each grade of chain and accessory as to its susceptibility to fatigue, corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement etc. with the aim of creating new products which will exceed the industry’s requirements.