Business Units

Along the whole Mooring System

Marine and Mooring Chains manufacture

  • Marine Chains from 40 mm up to 220 mm
  • Offshore Mooring Chains from 40mm up to 220 mm
  • Stud Common Link
  • Stud Enlarged Link
  • Studless Common Link
  • Studless Enlarged Link
  • End Link
  • Polyester Ropes (alliances with other manufacturers on a case-by-case basis)
  • Piles and Anchors (IDESA)

Mooring Connectors

  • Forgings of any quality and design
  • Offshore H Link
  • D Type Shackle
  • Offshore Thimble Connector
  • Triplate
  • Sockets
  • Unijoints
  • Installation
  • ROV Operated Subsea Connections
  • Others (Kenter)
  • Tailor made solutions for each project: Supplying any type of offshore connectors and plates designed and manufactured to meet any of your requirements.

Engineering & Innovation

  • Offshore support: wide range of value creating services for our clients and the best technical assistance
  • Mooring Line Design
  • Concept and detail design of installation, temporary and long term mooring accessories.
  • Proven solutions for remotely operated subsea connections at mudmat and driven or suction piles.
  • Structural integrity and nonlinear finite element analysis.
  • Engineering critical assessments.
  • Remaining life assessments of used chains and accessories.
  • Full scale strength and fatigue testing.
  • Hydrodynamic and mooring analysis.
  • Characterization of materials and coatings in adhoc aggressive environments.
    Failure analysis.