Management of the Customer

Vicinay Marine offers its customers various communication channels to accompany them at different stages of the relationship. From joint projects, their tracking through the Vicinay Mooring Connectors “My Project” web application and the advisory service or answering of enquiries regarding products sold. For its part, Ramnäs holds a technical seminar each June with its customers. Various talks are held on a range of topics in a family setting with activities that take customer relations to a higher level.

Giving the right response in the shortest time possible to customer complaints is a maxim among Vicinay Marine Group companies. There is a team of staff who undertake a thorough study of issues raised by customers in order to implement the necessary corrective actions in each case.

Correct management of the customer’s voice contributes to improving product quality, developing preventive actions and building more successful relationships with our customers. Therefore, meetings are often held with the individuals involved in the process in order to implement the lessons learned.

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