Presentation of the Group

After 200 years of unceasing commitment, the fruit of the Vicinay family’s labours has made Vicinay Marine the world leader in the supply of chains and mooring systems for the offshore industry.

Vicinay Marine, S.L. was founded in July 2005 following the corporate restructuring of Vicinay, S.A. and is the parent company of the Group. Vicinay Marine now has over 650 staff engaged in offshore and marine activities, with worldwide representation and a quality recognised by its industry leaders.

Exporting to more than 30 countries, Vicinay Marine has become the prime producer of world class mooring lines, a key part of which is finding solutions to each customer’s mooring challenges.

With an ability to manufacture chains from 40 mm up to 220 mm in diameter and without restriction as to length or weight, Vicinay Marine can supply 80,000 tons per year in qualities R5, R4S, R4, R3S, R3 and Grade 3 for the offshore and marine industries together with a wide variety of accessories in a range of qualities and sizes.



Establishment of "Vicinay Sons Partnership".


Establishment of Vicinay S.A.


Vicinay develops flash-butt welding (FBW).


First exports to the Baltic.


Vicinay installs the continuous heat treatment system.


First sale of offshore chain for the Gulf Of Mexico.


First sale of offshore chain for the North Sea.


Own design and development of industrial equipment.


Opening of factory in the USA, Vicinay International Chain Company. Corpus Christi, Texas.


Establishment of Companhia Brasileira de Amarras - Brasilamarras in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.


Development and production of Grade R4.


Vicinay introduces continuous vertical quench and temper heat treatment.


Vicinay Cadenas, S.A. is constituted after Cadenas y Forjados, S.A. acquisition.


Obtaining ISO 9001 certification by LRQA. From this year, 100% of R4 chain which is manufactured worldwide uses Vicinay criteria. Pioneers in the production of studless chain.


Establishment of a joint venture with Dazhong Anchor Chain in Foshan, China. Obtaining of API 2F.


Awarded ISO 9001 certification by DNV.


Long-term relationships with universities and technology centers are established.


Vicinay introduces natural gas heating for furnaces and QWELD ( data management program to assure FBW welding quality and to guarantee 100% link traceability).


Double Quenching & Tempering.


Start of the Mega-Giga-Tera chain era.


Geminis Cell, continuous chain production.


Obtaining ISO 14001 by LR and DNV, and OHSAS 180001 by DNV.


First steps in implementing the EFQM model.


Establishment of Vicinay Galdames Forging.


Establishment of Foshan Marine Anchor Chain, Ltd. (FMAC)


Introduction of the sustainability culture and establishment of corporate social responsibility standards.


Award of ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 certification by LRQA.


Award of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 certification by DNV.


EPD: Environmental product declaration.


Vicinay Cadenas receives the Silver Q Award.


Vicinay Marine Innovación is consituted.


Acquisition of 100% or Ramnas Bruk A.B.


Start of the construction of the new Vicinay Sestao factory.


Implementation of Vicinay Sestao, S.L.


Hywind Project: Vicinay Marine to provide mooring components for world’s first floating wind park.



To be the world’s number one company in the development and provision of mooring solutions in a responsible and sustainable way through innovation and collaboration with our customers.


  • Growth and Profitability. To support the company with a margin of profit to finance growth, ensure employment of staff, to provide adequate remuneration to shareholders and to comply with our commitments with outside bodies.
  • Service. To fulfil completely as possible what our customers require and to contribute to the improvement of our own suppliers in line with our company mission.
  • Safety. To take responsibility for and provide guidance to prevent injury to persons and damage to equipment.
  • Innovation. To achieve a high level of shared knowledge which will act as a motor for growth and produce an atmosphere promoting improvement, creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Excellence. To recognise the professionalism of an organisation which continuously learns from its successes and errors made, so as to offer superior quality products to our customers and promote a desire to succeed in our workforce.
  • Corporate Responsibility. To put into practice a strategy characterized by coherence, consistency, commitment and ethical conduct as regards people, the environment and society at large.
  • Consensus. To promote communication, dialogue, transparency, and shared responsibility using methods which involve all in the company.


We have a good understanding of our customers’ business thanks to our long experience and collaboration. We know that by supporting them in the development of novel and complex undertakings on the high seas, in bad weather conditions and sea states, we can gain their trust and promote long lasting successful partnerships. Our strategy is to supply products and services which support our customers to obtain successful outcomes for both of us. We plan to do this through the continued growth of the company and to this end we have formulated the following strategic guidelines :

  • Safety and Sustainability: so that those who are today working in the group do so safely and, respecting their surroundings, allow the workforce of tomorrow to continue the task.
  • Globalisation: to enable us to provide solutions to established and emerging markets
  • Technology: On the basis of our track record, the companies which make up the group have been recognised by our peers as world reference points for quality and reliability. Our aim is to be considered the world’s reference point for both the technology of our products and our manufacturing processes.
  • Equipment: At Vicinay Marine the most important asset is our workforce. Our people, from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world, bring a cultural and creative richness to the Group.