Anticipating needs and seeking the satisfaction of our clients is one of the commitments of Vicinay Marine.

Vicinay Marine’s commercial policy is oriented towards excellence and the development of sustainable, technologically advanced and high added-value integrated solutions in the manufacture and supply of products and the provision of services associated with them.

This commitment entails a necessary proximity to the needs of our clients, making us their essential partners, and thus being the world’s best alternative in products of very high demand in both technology and service.

Our commercial network and production facilities in different regions of the world is adapted to our defined strategies, this makes it possible a great capacity for comprehensive relationships with strategic clients, whose mission is to generate relationships of trust based on the knowledge, responsiveness and reliability of Vicinay Marine as a strategic partner.

This direct and constant communication with the client allows us to identify risks and opportunities in an agile manner, and thus evaluate and adapt the processes and controls necessary to achieve total client satisfaction.

Our ambition is to be a true partner for our clients.

Based on our experience and capabilities, we are trusted by many of the top players in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our main Clients by sectors

Oil Companies