Digital and Green Transition Program


Project Real time remote access to industrial processes and inspections of mooring lines in service.
File 6/12/D3/2021/00023
Objective Vicinay Marine Remote Experience is a digital platform that allows remote access in real time to Vicinay’s plants from anywhere in the world, offering the user an experience similar to a visit in person. This tool represents a step forward in the digitalisation of Vicinay Marine, making available to its customers and all its employees a new remote assistance service with application in different areas: virtual presence of customers or classification societies in the performance of certain tasks in the plant, Vicinay technical advice in the installation or inspection of mooring lines, expert support from external technology providers and/or internal technical staff both for the development of new processes in the factory and for the performance of operations in the plant.
Funding Bizkaiko Foru Aldundiak finantzatu du proiektu hau, 2021eko Trantsizio Digital eta Berdea Programaren barruan eta Feder funtsaren kofinantziazioa ere badauka.
This project has been financed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia within the Digital and Green Transition Programme 2021 and is co-financed by the Feder.
Approved Budget 50,457 €