Ethics & Compliance

At VICINAY MARINE, we are committed to always behave in accordance with our ethical values and principles in everything we do. And not just follow the law and our own rules, but also implement controls to prevent infractions.

We ensure we act in the best interests of the company. To those ends, we manage relationships with our interest groups responsibly, fairly and with integrity. And we avoid any real, potential or apparent conflicts of interest or behaviour susceptible to corruption in all our business activities.

We are committed to fair and dignified working conditions. We support the personal and professional development of all our workers and we seek relationships with people and entities who support those values. We believe that all human beings should be treated with dignity, justice and respect. And we do not tolerate any situations of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or violence.

NC01 Code of Ethics

PC02 Anti-Corruption Policy

PC04 Environment Policy