Chain manufacture

Vicinay Sestao

Located in Sestao (Bizkaia) able to manufacture mooring lines with diameters from 60mm up to 220mm in grades G3, R3, R3S, R4, R4S, R5 and R6.


Located in Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), has been in business since 1978 and has a capacity to produce chains with diameters between 70 mm and 120 mm in qualities R3, R3S, R4 and R4S.


Located in south China since 2004, produces mooring chains of diameters between 40 mm and 153 mm in qualities G3, R3, R3S and R4.

Accessories manufacture

Vicinay Mooring Connectors

Located in Galdames (Bizkaia), providing a wide variety of mooring accessories to the industry (and solutions which can be tailor made for a specific project, D-type Shackles, Offshore Shackles, Plates, Sockets, Kenter Shackles, LLLC links and ROV Kits) of various qualities and in a range of sizes (from 100 kg up to 3500 kg).



Located in Sondika (Bizkaia), responsible for engineering, assembly and maintenance of onshore and offshore structures. Offering different specialised services as risk analysis, customized inspection plans, advanced assessment and early decision making are the goals for an efficient MIM (Mooring Integrity Management) program.

Ramnäs Offshore

Located in Västerås (Sweden), dedicated to providing testing, inspection and maintenance services for mooring lines.


Vicinay Marine Innovación

Established in 2010 to be the benchmark center for Research and Development of services and innovative solutions for mooring floating systems. The main objectives of the organization are to support Vicinay Marine and its clients in the investigation of topics of interest on mooring lines; improve existing products, processes and services as well as develop new ones. The company has three discipline areas, Design, Materials and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with structural, materials and telecommunication engineers on staff.