Mission, Vision and Values


We design, develop, manufacture and supply products and services in a safe, competitive and innovative way to meet the expectations of our clients. And we do it with qualified, motivated and well trained human team for managing change.

And we are building our future with the following Vision:

  • Focusing our activity on markets that demand high added value solutions and guarantee the sustainability of the business project.
  • Hoping to be acknowledged by our clients as a preferred brand worldwide for our reliability, competitiveness and innovative nature.
  • With a balanced human team, capable of anticipating, adapting and managing the needs of its stakeholders in a responsible way.

The Values that define how we behave are the following:

Safety and Human Rights

We prioritize safety and health at work, with the collective and personal right and responsibility to avoid personal injury, damage to work elements and the environment while doing our work. We promote respect, equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practices and the protection of fundamental human rights.

Sustainable Growth

We pursue the competitiveness, efficiency and sustainable profitability of our organization to be profitable to finance growth, ensure jobs for people, remunerate shareholders and fulfil our commitments to other groups without sacrificing the needs of future generations and the organization.


We are committed to innovation generated by people, thanks to talent and shared knowledge, continuous learning and fostering an environment that favours improvement, creativity and initiative to provide products and services that give value to clients and other interest groups.

Excellence and Clients Orientation

We learn continuously from our success and errors to provide superior quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.


We are upright in our behavior, put into practice a strategy characterized by coherence, consistency, commitment and ethical behaviour in regards to people, society and the environment, and we reject all forms of corruption.

Professional and committed people

We are committed to our personal and professional development and learning, which we appreciate and recognize. We do it with transparency, communication, dialogue and leadership and shared responsibilities. We are flexible and proactive, and we join efforts and enthusiasm in a business project of which we feel part, and in which we work as a team, with rigor and professionalism.

All subsidiaries of Vicinay Marine Group adjust their vision, mission and values ​​following the guidelines defined by the parent company, consequently developing their strategic plans and objectives, as well as their policies and procedures to achieve them.